Do you suspect your spouse is cheating?

Here are the top 10 questions to ask yourself.

Change in Physical Appearance?

  • Your spouse is dressing nicer, looking nicer, losing weight etc.
  • Unusual Spending Habits
  • Buying new underwear or lingerie
  • When they arrive home and head straight into the shower or bath.

Is your Spouse getting caught lying?

  • Lying to cover their tracks
  • Always putting the blame on you

Receiving hang up phone calls?

  • Unanswered Calls
  • The paramour calling your house to speak with your spouse.
  • Deletes all incoming phone calls from the caller ID.
  • Texting or talking and then suddenly stopping when you walk in the room.
  • Not responding to a text or call when that is out of character to them.

Hiding the cell phone bill?

  • The #1 way to find out who the lover is.
  • Also – hiding or password protecting the cell phone
  • Keeping the cell phone close to them at ALL times
  • Increased value of where the cell phone is

Intuition (gut feeling)?

  • Something is not right usually is a sign you may have a cheating problem “when in doubt check them out”.

New sexual techniques?

  • Cheaters may have a change in sex life (i.e. more sex, less sex) as well as unexplained sexual requests. They begin to make “kinky” requests or suggest wildly erotic play during sex, including things you have never done before. They may also show an increased interest in sex or sexual things, including porn or requesting the use of adult toys.

Working a lot of overtime?

  • Enabling them to meet their lover after work.
  • If your spouse suddenly tell you not to visit them at work. This usually means they are hiding something at their workplace possibly with a co-worker or a regular customer.

Unaccountable Time Throughout the day?

  • (This is the time frame to conduct surveillance.) Simple trips, such as to the grocery store or bank, take hours rather than the time it should take.

Mood Swings?

  • Picks fights in order to stomp out of the house
  • Saying "I need my space"
  • Becoming very defensive
  • Change in T.V., movie or music preference

Excessive use of the Internet?

  • Deletes all incoming e-mails when they use to accumulate
  • Spending time in internet chat rooms

The telltale sign of a cheating spouse?
Having to ask that question in the first place.

Other physical signs to look for to determine whether or not someone is having an affair is lipstick on the collar, odors of cologne/perfume on a shirt/blouse, or secretion stains on their underwear. You can also check their wallets and/or the glove compartments of their car to see if they left receipts, pieces of paper with phone numbers, addresses, condoms, Viagra, etc. Finally, check the passenger seat in their car to see if it has been changed and is not in the usual position or the mileage on the car is more than usual. Also increased gas purchases that are inconsistent with the amount of miles on the car.

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