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Important factors used to affix fees, costs, rates, quotes and prices:

  • Private investigators rates range dramatically depending on experience of the private investigation company and the jurisdiction in which the case is being worked. Our rates generally reflect the costs for conducting detective work in the Spartanburg County area.
  • Fees may vary depending on the location of the case, expected travel, use of a GPS device, stationary equipment used, expected number of hours needed to solve the case, urgency and other factors.
  • Since each case we work is unique, the retainer fee generally reflects the average cost of a case request.
  • Quotes are typically a combination of fees, costs, rates, and prices.
  • Carolina Investigations, Inc. accepts all forms of payments, including credit cards.

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Attorney Services Pricing

  • Fees are based on services requested
  • Process Services – depending on location to be served

Corporate Services Pricing

  • Fees are based on services requested

Insurance Defense Pricing

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  • One All-Inclusive Daily Flat Rate for SC & NC
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Executive Protection / Security Pricing

We partner with RSA to provide the protection needed. Fees vary depending on the location and the services needed. Call, email or text us for more information.

What we do expect from our clients:

  • Please be truthful with us and upfront. The more accurate information you provide us with improves our chances of success. We also would like you to notify us if anything in the case changes during the investigation.
  • We ask that you provide us with your current contact information. This includes your current mailing address, telephone number, and email address. This lets us know where you are in case we need to immediately get in touch with you during your investigation.
  • We would like you to provide us with documentation and authorizations when we request them.
  • We ask that you do not interfere with the services performed by our investigators and other company employees.
  • We ask that you keep the product or results of your services confidential and in no circumstances may you use the product or results for criminal or illegal purposes.
  • Call (864) 948-1333 to briefly discuss your case. If we feel that we may be able to help, you will be required to sign a contract & pay the agreed upon retainer. If we cannot help you, we may refer you to someone that can help.

Opportunity and Inclination

Since the majority of cheating couples are discreet, it is rare for someone to be “caught in the act,” so proof of an affair is usually hard to obtain. For this reason, the court only requires that a spouse provide circumstantial proof of adultery. This requires evidence of “opportunity and inclination” for adultery to have occurred. In order for the evidence to be helpful in court, the evidence should show both opportunity and inclination.

Opportunity to commit adultery includes finding that the parties have entered a home, hotel room, the back seat of a car, or other such place alone and emerged some time later. This is an opportunity for sexual relations. Of course, the parties could be business associates holding a meeting in a hotel room, or they could be platonic friends sleeping in separate rooms. This is why inclination is equally important.

Inclination evidence shows that the parties wanted to commit adultery. Usually, this evidence includes video of the couple kissing, holding hands, or hugging in a romantic way. Emails, phone calls and credit card receipts for flowers may also prove inclination, and if you put this evidence together with the evidence of opportunity, it might be enough for a judge or jury to find that adultery occurred.

Investigations in Child Custody Issues

Private investigators are often called upon when custody matters are involved with a family law case. For example, a mother suspected that her husband was drinking and driving with the children in the car. An investigator was hired to follow the father, where he was found in a bar. The investigator was able to observe the father and count the number of drinks he had before he picked up the children at school. This proved to the mother that her husband was putting their children in danger, and as a result, she was able to present the evidence in court and protect her kids.

So, private investigators do more than simply follow spouses who might be having affairs. Perhaps a parent is traveling with the children in a car without putting them in their car seats. If that parent denies it, an investigator can videotape and prove the reckless behavior. The evidence can then be used to grant custody to the other parent.

In a court order regarding custody, one spouse may have been granted “the right of first refusal.” This means that if one parent has the children and cannot care for them on a particular day, that parent is obligated to give the other parent the first opportunity to care for the children. An investigator can conduct surveillance to find out if parents are complying with the court order. It may be found that a parent is leaving the children with a 17-year-old sibling rather than calling the other parent.

Of course, a parent’s dating behavior also comes into play when custody is at issue. This often takes place after the divorce proceedings are complete, so it isn’t about adultery. It’s about the welfare of the children. When a parent’s dating relationship impacts the children, it is fair game in a child custody hearing. If a parent’s new boyfriend or girlfriend is a convicted sex offender, has a background of criminal drug charges, or is proven to be an alcoholic or recreational drug user, for example, this information can be used to argue against custody for that parent. If one parent has heard rumors about the other parent’s boyfriend or girlfriend, a private investigator can be instrumental in determining the legitimacy of those rumors.