Litigation Support

AccusorCarolina Investigations, Inc. has proven to be instrumental in making the difference between winning and losing a trial proceeding. They are experts in locating and interviewing crucial witnesses necessary for a positive conclusion to a civil, criminal, or family trial. Furthermore, they have been expertly trained in videotaping evidence, constructing procedural diagrams, acquiring affidavits, and photography.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and there is no extra charge for nights or weekends.

In providing services to attorneys, investigators can:

  • Interview witnesses
  • Determine the quality of witnesses
  • Obtain facts omitted from police reports
  • Provide different emphasis and utilize different techniques than Law Enforcement
  • Interview professional sources
  • Interview law enforcement officers, coroners, etc.
  • Conduct in-person searches of public records
  • Serve subpoenas and other legal papers
  • Locate people and property
  • Conduct surveillances
  • Assist in jury selection
  • Aid in locating expert witnesses
  • Conduct online searches
  • Provide photographic/video support
  • Review discovery documents
  • Provide additional insight
  • Generate investigative leads
  • Cover material attorney hasn't time to review