High Profile Client Program

Our Prominent High Profile Client Program can be specifically designed for individuals who are in need of a reputable company to handle their surveillance and confidential needs. This Prominent High Profile Client Program is a safe and secure way to assist someone who may be considered a public figure. This may include but not be limited to CEO’s, entrepreneur, professional athlete, celebrity and politically active individuals. If you or your spouse should require confidential consideration with infidelity, divorce, asset discovery, child support and visitation or alimony issues, then our Prominent High Profile Client Program can be customized to satisfy your needs. We know how to remain discreet and we consider confidentiality an important quality of our services. Discussing your details with a stranger can be a difficult task especially knowing that you have more than likely never worked with a private investigator before. Our handling of your personal situation will leave you feeling confident and without the worry of embarrassment or anonymity. Your case will have complete anonymity - No one else in our office will ever know who you are. You can email Ken or Marty directly and bypass normal administrative procedures that may compromise your confidentiality. Our rates can be customized to the needs of your case but because of the high sensitive nature and the one-on-one attention your case will require, our minimum retainer fee for this program starts at $7,500.